15-Mar-2023 : The 6th Global summit of Global Alliance of Disaster Research Institutes is going to be held from 15 -17 March 2023. Please find the details for registration in the attached file.

Description : We are happy to inform you that the 6th Global Summit of GADRI: Towards GADRI Objectives of Achieving a Sustainable Disaster-Resilient World will be held at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University, Uji Campus, Kyoto, Japan from 15 to 17 March 2023. https://gadri.net/summit/ We hope all of you will make use of this opportunity to get together and share your valued and meaningful contributions. A wide array of Keynote speakers from various disciplines will share their valued opinions and experiences from whom you may wish to learn about the current status on DRR activities and research. We are pleased to inform you that the registration for the 6th Global Summit of GADRI is now available. Make use of this opportunity to register early and benefit from the early bird registration fees. Link for registration: https://web-register.jp/6th-gadri/en/login/ Registrations are required by all those who wish to attend the 6th Global Summit of GADRI. There are discounts for student registrations as well. Do encourage your students to take part in the summit and make use of the poster and the Seeds and Needs Networking Session. Do share this message and the attached pamphlet with your institute/centre/university colleagues, researchers, students and those who are involved in your project and networks.
Weblink : https://web-register.jp/6th-gadri/en/login/

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